“We had bought a new house, and couldn’t sell our old one. We didn’t want to use a real estate agent either, so we called iiTrust and they bought our old house that day!”

charles & tonya proctor

“It just got too difficult to look after Mom in her old house. IITrust was so helpful, they bought the house the day we called them and even let us leave her old stuff there.”

mrs. shawron fettle

“It was the simplest way for me to sell my house. I didn’t have to deal with any real estate agents and I didn’t have to poy closing costs or commission!”

richard kenney

“iiTrust went overboard to help me. The staff was not only friendly, they read all the contracts and made sure I was happy at the end. I would refer a lot of people to iiTrust, they were sent from heaven above”

sherria young