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How does your program work?

  With over 30 years of experience in buying residential properties, we have developed a unique approach that is quick, easy and friendly and will give you the answers and peace of mind you need right now! Once we have your address, we search the public records to determine what other properties have sold on your block, and what they have sold for. We then ask some simple questions about the current condition of the property. Then we give you a free price range estimate over the phone. If this estimate is acceptable to you, we will come and see your house, at your convenience. The quicker we get to you, the quicker we can settle, and the quicker you’ll have your money and your peace of mind.

Why should I sell my house to you for cash when my realtor’s promising me that he or she can get me so much more?

When you are ready to sell, would you rather have cash or a “promise”? Pardon our skepticism, but real estate agents are in the business of getting listings. In our experience, we’ve noticed that most agents will promise you a higher price just to get your listing. This “listing” doesn’t sell your home! When you call us, we’re the actual buyer! We are not a realtor, so you pay us no commission of fees. In fact, we will pay ALL settlement costs, and buy your property as-is. No fix-ups, clean-ups, no fuss. You can even leave whatever personal property you want in the house and we’ll take care of disposing it. There is one exception: If your house doesn’t need any repairs and is in “ready to move in condition” (let’s tell the truth, most houses aren’t!) then you will get more money by selling your home to a home buyer than you will from us. After all, we’re not going to live in the house. Our business is to buy homes where the seller would rather not go through the hassle, and sometimes very long process, of listing the home, having people ring the bell at all hours and tramp through the house with no certainty that these buyers have been qualified and no certainty that they will ever settle.

There are lots of people who advertise that they will pay cash for our house. What is so special about IITrust LLC?

This is one of our favorite questions. There are many reasons why we are the largest and oldest cash buyer of homes in our area. With even a little research, you will learn very quickly that there are lots of people who have taken “get rich quick” real estate courses to find out how to take advantage of the real estate market. These people are NOT professionals and have no passion or concern for you, your home or your interests. For example, if someone is offering to buy your home, they ought to be able to prove that they have the cash to do so. You should always ask for a “proof of funds” letter, which we are glad to provide to our qualified sellers. While we don’t claim to be the only people in the business, we do claim to be one of the few qualified, professional real estate purchasers who can really back up what we say. We will make the process easy for you, legal, and bankable. We mean what we say.

Can you come out to see my house today?

Usually yes, though certainly within 24-48 hours.

My house is not in perfect condition, is that ok?

Of course it is. As a matter of fact, if it were in perfect condition you would get more from a home buyer than you would from us, provided you had the time and the patience to put your property on the market and go through the arduous journey of finding an agent you like, who would qualify the potential purchasers before they are allowed to enter your home, and had what it takes to get the potential buyer through the approval process.

Is there a fee to work with the IITrust LLC?

Absolutely none. We are your buyer. We’re the person who saves you the trouble of listing your property and having people walk through and may likely be unqualified to even be walking through, the people whose loans fall through last minute. None of that happens when you deal with IITrust. We are cash buyers. You get a check from our settlement attorney at settlement!

How quickly can you settle?

We are proud of the fact that we can settle quickly. We have been able to do some settlements in as little Five (5) days. But some sellers would like a little more time. It could be up to 90 or 120 days or more if you need. Whatever is most convenient to you. We do our best to accommodate your needs and wishes.

When will I get my money?

At settlement. You will leave with your check.

How long will settlement take?

Ten to Fifteen Minutes. And you will receive a copy of your Settlement Sheet well in advance of settlement so you can review and have any question you might have, so that settlement will occur very quickly.

What does “all settlement costs” mean and what does it include?

It includes ALL the costs associated with the legal transfer of the property. The attorney’s fees, the title work, the lien certificate, etc. and we pay all the transfer tax and stamps.

Do you actually pay cash?

Well, would you like to leave settlement with cash? Are you sure you would like to carry that amount of large bills around! Most people wouldn’t. By “cash” we mean we don’t need to be approved for a loan. You get a check from our settlement attorney rather than having to go through the discomfort of carrying cash around.

What title company do you use and where does the settlement take place?

We use Eagle Premier Title Company and their attorneys do the settlement at their offices at 1118 S. Light Street in Baltimore. And they will accommodate special needs for those who can’t travel. They will come to you home if that’s what serves you best.

Is there any type of inspection that will need to be done?

There are no formal inspections done. With Forty (40) years of experience, we trust ourselves to determine the condition of the property. No termite reports, no radon reports, no lead paint reports, none. What we see is what we get.

If I have tenants, can they stay?

Of course they can stay, provided they are current with their rent and they are good housekeepers. But don’t forget we are paying you based on existing value. If the house is worth more vacant than with tenants, which would you prefer, more cash, or less cash because the house is only worth to us what the income produces since you are requiring that the tenants stay? If the property is in Baltimore City, there must also be a Lead Safe or Lead Free Certificate dated consistent with the Lease date, or the tenants may not be able to stay. This would not be legal in Baltimore City to transfer a property without the required Lead Safe or Lead Free Certificate.

Will you offer me the same as the assessed value?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Assessed value may have nothing to do with Market Value. Sometimes they are close to the same, sometimes they are very far apart. Each situation may be different.

When do I need to be out of the property?

Whenever you’d like and we will settle the day you leave.

In what areas do you purchase?

We purchase properties in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia.

What do you do with the properties after you purchase them?

The answer to this question is determined by the percentage of homeowners on the block in the neighborhood where we are purchasing the home. For higher percentages of homeowners we upgrade and/or renovate those properties and offer them to first time homebuyers. For properties in neighborhoods with lower percentages of homeowners, those properties are kept for rental, or perhaps sold to contractor or other investors who in turn fix them up and sell them to homeowners or in most cases keep them for rental. However, in all cases, we are the buyer. Our purchase of your property takes place regardless of what we intend to do with the property after sale. There are no loan contingencies in any of our contracts. We pay you cash, all settlement costs and take your property in its current (“as-is”) condition.