About IITrust

About iiTrust

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The IITrust was founded as a Baltimore based corporation in October of 1992, to serve Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. Its principal, Phillip Howard Collector, had been a real estate broker in the very active California market from 1976-1982 and returned to his hometown of Baltimore to begin buying and selling real estate.

The relationship of the real estate broker to his client that Mr. Collector experienced in California, was not one he favored and preferred to operate as an investor, purchasing and selling properties, rather than as an agent or broker representing others.

For a number of years Phil owned and operated well over 117 rental units until 1992 when IITrust was formed and Phil divested himself of his rental property to specialize in buying, renovating and selling houses.

The Cash for Houses Concept

The evolution of IITrust comes from one realization: There is a huge gap in the services rendered by local realtors to homeowners whose properties are not in move-in condition. Houses would languish on the market. Agents didn’t make a lot of commission from the sale of these homes so they weren’t motivated to give adequate, responsive, or respectful service to the homeowners of low and moderate income housing that were not in “homeowner condition”. The Birth of iiTrust came out of this realization.

And “We Pay Cash for Houses” in the Baltimore area was born.

Friendly, respectful, responsible commitment to homeowners whose homes were not in perfect condition allowed IITrust to flourish for many years. Currently IITrust has three divisions, all stemming from the purchase of homes from sellers who would prefer to have cash now rather than to go through the process of listing their home with a realtor, going through the sometimes long and often fruitless realtor marketing period, only to have settlement not occur.

IITrust never fails to settle and keep its agreements with its customers.

Once the homes are purchased by IITrust, a determination is made as to whether the home will kept for rental, renovated and then resold to first time homebuyers; or, resold in an “as-is” condition to other investors who, in turn, renovate and sell them to homebuyers or renovate them as rental properties for their own investment portfolio.

IITrust is a Leader in the Industry

Currently IITrust is purchasing homes extensively in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. We are located at 8422 Bellona Lane Suite 201, Towson, Md 21204.

We will buy your home today, with no hassles, no real estate agents, no commissions and no closing costs.
We will buy any house, in any condition!